Want To Make Your Fence Stand Out? 3 Design Ideas To Discuss With A Fencing Contractor

If you ended up with a home that does not have a fence, you may have been thinking about adding one since the day you moved in. If you are finally ready to start this process, you likely have thought about the many ways that you can have one built until you came up with an idea that you loved. It may be your goal for the fence to stand out and act as a focal point of the entire property, so it must look bold. You will want to work closely with a fencing contractor to get a design and placement that works.

Get Decorative Post Caps

One way that you can take a wood fence and make it something special is by focusing on the post caps. The entire fence might look standard when compared to other wooden fences, but if the post caps are highly decorative, you should have no problem making them stand out alongside your neighbors' fences. There are many options such as high point, square, and ball cap—it just depends on your personal preference.

Place It in Plain View

While the process of building a fence is simple, the planning around it can get quite complicated. With your main goal of having it stand out on your property, you will need to keep certain things in mind while working with a fencing contractor to make sure you get the results that you seek. For instance, if you have a tree on your property that the fence can be placed either outside of or inside and closer to your house, you will want to prioritize the outside build, as this will prevent the tree from covering up your fence.

Go for a Bold Stain

The material of wood that you use for building the fence will have a direct impact on how it looks. If you go for a light-colored wood, then your fence will be in the same color unless you stain it. One option is to choose a cherry wood to get a bold look with your fence from the beginning. But, you can also take another wood type that is more affordable or accessible and stain it to make a bold statement. Since the stain that you choose will mesh with the wood that is used to create a unique color, you will benefit from describing the color that you want to a fencing contractor and letting them choose and apply the stain.

Making a bold fence should not be hard when you think about all these details while planning. Contact a company like Clendaniel Fence Co for additional advice.