Three Fencing Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Keep Your Child Safe

As a parent, chances are you want your custom fence to both provide for privacy and keep your kids safe when playing in the yard. This is why it's vital that you choose the right type of fence and install it correctly to meet your needs. Avoid the following mistakes that can make a choice not as safe.

#1: Not considering climb-ability

Many small children are accomplished climbers, which means that the fence you choose should not be easy to climb. Chainlink fencing is exceptionally easy for kids to scale, although you can get coated chainlink that is harder to climb because the spaces in the links are smaller. If you opt for wood, make sure the crossbars are on the outside of the fence or spaced in a manner that makes them difficult to climb. Vinyl panels are a good option, since these don't typically have cross bars and they are too smooth for most kids to grasp.

#2: Ignoring the gap

Beneath every fence is a gap. If the gap is too wide, a child can slip beneath it – and kids can slip through some surprisingly narrow gaps. One of the reasons for the popularity of chainlink and vinyl fencing options is that they can be installed right against the ground, simply because they don't have the rot danger of wood. If you have wood or for some reason must leave an inch or two of space beneath your fence, consider installing a concrete or rock threshold barrier right beneath the fence line. This will prevent kids from digging under the fence and widening the small gap into a large one.

#3: Skipping a safety gate

The final link in a truly safe fence is the gate. Not only must it sit close enough to the ground so that your child can't squeeze beneath, it must also be too difficult for them to open. The gap issue can usually be solved with a raised threshold on the ground or a rubber seal attached to the bottom of the gate itself. As for the latch, opt for a child-safe latch and have it placed high on the gate, possible even on the other side so that you have to reach over the gate to open it. You may even want to add a second latch or a lock to ensure that your child can't get out of the yard unsupervised.

For more help, contact a custom fence contractor, like one from Spences Fences, in your area.