Worried About Employee Security? 4 Steps To Improve On-Site Security

If you own a business and you have employees who work unusual hours, you need to make sure you have taken the proper security measures. During the day, your security measures may be adequate to protect your employees. However, once nightfall comes, your employees might not be as safe as you'd like them to be. Here are four steps you can take to protect your employees once the sun goes down.

Add Lighting

If you're trying to increase the security around your business, and help promote employee safety, the first thing you should do is add security lighting, especially if you have employees who work the night shift. Walking to and from the car after-hours can be risky for your employees. Adding security lighting, especially in the parking area and around the doors, will help keep your employees safe.

Upgrade the Fence

When it comes to on-site security, the parking lot may be the most under-protected area on your premises. This is particularly true if your employees leave the building after sundown. One of the best ways to protect your employees is to add a security fence to the employee parking area. Once the fence is installed, your employees will be able to cross a parking lot that is fully-enclosed and secured. For additional protection, consider installing the security fence all the way around your commercial building. This will ensure that your business is locked up tight when you're away. Companies like Perimeter Fence Co can help you find the fence you need.

Hire a Security Guard

You might not realize this, but hiring a security guard can increase the safety of your employees. If a full-time guard isn't in your budget, or the area is secure during the day, consider hiring a security guard for after-hours protection only. Your guard will be able to escort your employees directly to their cars, and then patrol the area throughout the night.

Install a Monitored Alarm System

If your employees are going to be working after-hours on a regular basis, it's time to install a monitored alarm system. A monitored alarm system will allow your employees to contact emergency services with the touch of a button, which will ensure that help is available when they need it. Not only that, but your monitored alarm service will also alert emergency personnel should your office be broken into, or if a fire erupts.

Don't take chances with the safety of your employees. Use the tips provided here to upgrade security, and protect your employees.