Improve Your Automatic Gate With These Three Accessories

There are already many benefits to install an automatic gate, such as increased convenience and security. However, there are a variety of accessories you can purchase that can significantly improve the gates function and reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep it working properly. Here are three accessories you should consider buying for your automatic gate system.

Audio/Visual System

If you don't already have a security system installed on or near your automatic gate in this day and age, then that's the first accessory you should invest in and for several reasons. First, a security system that includes a security camera and intercom lets you better screen who enters the property. Since the system can be monitored from anywhere on the grounds, you don't necessarily need to have a security guard at the gate watching who's coming and going, which can save you money.

Second, a security camera at the gate can cause criminals to think twice about burglarizing your store, school, or manufacturing plant. In one study involving 422 burglars, 83 percent stated they would check for a security system and about half of them said they would stop breaking in if they found a camera in the place. A burglar who sees a camera right at the gate will likely turn around and leave without trying to steal anything because he or she won't want to get caught.

Even if you don't have anything worth stealing on the property, a security system can deter other types of crime, such as vandalism. Just be sure to get a tamper-proof system so thieves and other ne'er-do-wells can't bypass it by disabling the devices.

Solar Charging System

One drawback to having an electronic gate is that it depends on electricity to work. This is fine if you live in an area where electricity is stable and plentiful. However, this can be problematic if you live in a place where there are a lot of brownouts and blackouts or the electrical supply is fickle.

You can handle this situation a couple of different ways, but one that may reduce your energy bill and help the environment is to install a solar charging system for your gate. The system collects energy from the sun's rays to power the gate while also storing some of it in an attached battery that powers the gate at night.

The primary benefit to this type of system is the gate can continue operating independently when the power goes out. Additionally, as noted previously, you may shave a little bit of money off your energy bill each month.

Be aware, though, the solar panels must be placed in an area that gets lots of sunlight. Depending on how often the gate is used, the battery will only run for a short period of time if it's not recharged on a daily basis. Have a professional evaluate your location to help you determine if it's a good match for a solar charging system.

Rubber Boot

The third thing you should purchase for your gate is rubber boots. Also called door stoppers, these devices are anchored in the ground and prevent the gate from swinging back too far and hitting items that may be sitting in its path (e.g. trees, etc).

This accessory is good for properties located in windy areas because it's not uncommon for the wind to exert a certain amount of force on the gate and cause it to open faster than desired. The boots can prevent the gate from being damaged or breaking other things you'd rather not spend money repairing.

For more recommendations on accessories to purchase for your automatic gate or to have a gate installed on your property, contact a local fencing company.