Why Wood Is The Fence Material For You

Are you finally ready to add a fence to your backyard? Do you want some privacy from the neighbors, some safety for your pets, and some protection from people or animals coming onto your property? Even a fence that is shorter than 6' can solve these problems.

Small fences look amazing, they are easier to maintain, and they cost less. They are also easier to install because the posts don't need to be set so deep. If you're going to install a perimeter fence in your yard, it is hard to beat the natural style and durability of real wood. This article shows why wood is still the foremost fence material.

Wood is the Most Natural and Stylish

Almost every fence material on the market will have a plethora of wood style. You can find vinyl picket fences with wood textures and find PVC products with wood prints. These are just two of the most popular synthetic materials produced with wood styles. But, these manufactured finishes are no substitute for the real lumber as far as style is concerned. It doesn't take an expert to realize that real wood is going to look better.

Also, real wood also has some practical advantages over the synthetic materials when it comes to the long-term style and adaptability of your fence. First of all, smooth, nonporous, and glossy fencing materials like PVC are just too smooth to be painted successfully. Not only would it be hard to apply a paint finish that looks good, it is also hard for the paint to stick to the smooth surfaces in the long-term. It is very likely that the paint will peel and separate when the weather conditions cause the materials to warp or bend.

Wood is a very easy material to paint and stain. If you ever want to change the color scheme on your property, it is nice to know that your wooden fence can easily be updated with a new paint or stain finish.

Another great thing about the style of wood is that it changes over time. In fact, some people choose wood because they want it to age, fade, and pick up a patina. This makes the fence look more unique and antique. Many of the synthetic products are made with distressed wood styles, so why not just install real wood products that will look naturally distressed after a couple of years. For more information, contact a fence contractor.