The Problems With Partially Fencing Off A Yard

Do you have a yard that currently does not have a fence, but you are looking to only fence off a part of the yard? This may be due to having natural barriers that exist like trees or shrubs or simply being under a tight budget and not having the money for a proper fence. Here are some problems that you can run into with having a partial fence

Securing Pets and Children

If your goal is to ensure that your pets and children are secured in your yard, a partial fence is not going to give you peace of mind. If there are trees that they can squeeze between to get away from your backyard, there is always a chance that they can do it when you are not watching them. You will always be better off making a solid perimeter with your fence to ensure that nobody is getting in or out of your yard unless they go through a gate.

Legal Issues

What the purpose of a partial fence for giving your home more privacy for recreational activities? You may have plans to add a swimming pool or a trampoline and simply don't want neighbors to be able to look into your yard. While the fence may serve its purpose for practical reasons, it may not serve its purpose from a legal standpoint.

Swimming pools, trampolines, swing sets, and things of that nature are considered attractive nuisances. This means that kids are likely to trespass onto your property in order to play on them, and you could be held responsible if an injury happens. Many insurance providers require that you have a completely fenced off backyard if you want legal protection from attractive nuisances and that partial fence is not going to protect you in court.

Think twice about what you are hoping to get out of the partial fence. If it is to keep people out, the partial fence is not going to be an effective way if kids can easily find another way inside.

The Look of the Fence

Think about how a partial fence is going to merge with the fences on neighboring properties. If your neighbor doesn't have a fence that your fence joins with, you may find that it looks weird to have a section of fence installed that someone can easily walk around.

Look up photos of partial fences so that you can decide it is a look that you are comfortable with. You may decide that you want your fencing contractor to install a fence that encompasses your entire yard after taking a look.

Learn more about your options, such as chain-link fencing, from a fencing company.