Fencing Options For Small Dogs That You Should Know About

When most people think of the kind of dog that needs a fenced yard, they envision a large, agile animal with abundant energy and a well-developed sense of adventure. However, smaller breeds can benefit from a fenced yard as well. Although it's easier to meet a small dog's exercise needs with neighborhood walks on a leash or even by a few rousing indoor games of fetch per day, dogs of all sizes love being off-leash where they can run to their heart's content or simply slow down and painstakingly sniff everything in sight.  

Here's what you need to know about fencing options for small dogs. 

Height Still Matters

Although it may be true that a small breed dog won't be able to jump over the fence as easily as its larger counterpart, fences also exist to keep intruders out. Small dogs are often victims of aggression by larger dogs, so you'll want your fence to be tall enough to keep any roaming animals in your neighborhood from jumping over it and possibly attacking your dog. Also, small dogs are sometimes the target of theft, especially if they're cute enough to be quickly sold online, so your fence should be tall enough so that the average person can't reach over it and snatch your pet away. 

Choose Durable Material 

Although all breeds chew, particularly as pups when their new teeth are coming in, many small breeds are more prone to chewing as adults than larger dogs. Terrier breeds, for instance, were bred to hunt and destroy small prey, such as rats, and therefore have a stronger urge to chew than dogs that were bred to retrieve waterfowl and gently carry it back to their owners. Wood, vinyl, and metal are all good fencing options for small dogs. 

Consider a Portable Fence

Portable fencing can be a good choice for small breeds and may be invaluable to those who live in residential areas where fencing is prohibited by HOAs or municipal codes. It can also come in very handy if you like to take your dog with you on camping trips. It may also be a more cost-effective approach to keeping your furry friend safe while providing it with an opportunity to run and play off-leash in an outdoor environment. If you rent your home, portable fencing may be the best option of all because few renters want to pay to significantly improve someone else's property with permanent fixtures.   

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