Pros And Cons Of Installing A Chain Link Fence

If you are thinking of putting a fence around part or all of your property, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is what kind of fence to install. Chain link fencing is quite a common option. It does not work for every homeowner, but it's widely available and does offer a lot of advantages in residential settings. Here are some pros and cons to consider as you decide whether to have chain link fencing installed on your land. 

Pro: It's affordable

Of all the types of fencing available, chain link fencing tends to be the most affordable. This is partly because the materials are inexpensive to source and manufacture. And it is partly because installing a chain link fence does not take very long, which keeps labor costs under control. 

Con: It can look a little industrial

Chain link fencing is not widely considered to be a really attractive type of fencing. Vinyl and wood are often seen as more aesthetic. Today, you can find vinyl-coated chain link fencing in black or white, which may be better looking than plain metal chain link fencing. However, the look still is not for everyone.

Pro: It is easy to repair and maintain

Chain link fencing does not require a lot of care. You don't have to scrape and paint it like you would a wooden fence. You really don't even need to power wash it, as dirt does not tend to stick to its surface. If the fence needs repairs, they are easy to make. You or a fencing company can typically remove a portion of the chain link without having to touch or adjust the fence posts. Most fence companies that install chain link fences also offer repair services.

Con: It does not offer much privacy

Chain link fences are partially see-through. You can add vinyl sheets called privacy slats between some of the links if desired. However, this is an extra cost. Even then, the fence won't be as solid as one made from wood or vinyl planks. So, chain link may not be ideal if you have nosy neighbors or are trying to get privacy on a busy street.

Chain link fencing is affordable, low-maintenance, and a sturdy option for many homes. If you think it might be right for your home, start by getting a few quotes. Once you know what it will cost, you can better decide whether it's right for your family.

Contact a local chain link fencing installation service to learn more.