Having A Fence Installed: How You Can Help The Pros

Even if you are having a fence installed by professionals, there are still things you can do to prepare for the big day. Here is a small list of things you can do to help make install day more successful and easier to complete for your fence contractors.

Keep kids and pets inside

If you have outdoor pets you will want to either bring them inside while the work is being done or have them boarded until the install is complete. Make sure you keep kids entertained indoors or have them babysat elsewhere so they don't accidentally get in the way. Fence contractors will be using a lot of tools and supplies (such as cement mixers and post diggers) that can be tempting for kids and pets to check out, so it's best to keep them out of the way to avoid injury or distraction.

Clear the driveway

Your fence contractors will need plenty of space to not only park their vehicles but to unload their equipment to work on your yard. Clear your driveway or alleyway so they don't run into any issues with space. This includes not only parking your vehicles elsewhere but removing other driveway equipment such as lawnmowers and other larger items.

Clean the yard

Pack toys in the garage for the day that are normally left outside, move the trampoline to the center of the yard, place flower pots on the porch, and pick up pet feces prior to the fence contractors arriving at your home. The less the workers have to move for you to complete their job the more smoothly they can work. If you have items in your yard that are difficult to remove, such as a park bench or a whole flower garden, let your fence contractors know in advance so they can prepare their work agenda around your yard beforehand.

Be available

Make sure you are home when your fence in installed in case there are any issues or concerns when placing your new fence in. Your contractors may want to talk to you about where you want to place your gate or may have to come up with alternative post placements if you have tree roots in the way or an old driveway that cannot be dug into for posts. These issues are often addressed in your initial consult as well, but you want to remain available just in case something new comes up while they are there and need your approval on certain tasks or changes before moving forward.

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